Thursday, August 7, 2014



That Feeling

That feeling that comes over me when I realize just how twisted and confused my mind has been about certain things!
When my mind is twisted and distorted my behaviors are obviously going to show it.
Tell me how I have been able to open up in the past to share my body sexually with someone when I was not even able to do natural human activities around them comfortably?
If I am not able to poop with you in the house or pass gas or burp when I need to why would I think it is ok to have sex with you?
Sex is the same as any of these other things that we simply need to do is it not? Sex is simply a need that the body has, a natural function.
It is society's stupidity that has twisted it into something more, something dirty or something to be obsessed about.
From now on I am only going to open up sexually to someone with whom I am able to be completely human with.
If I can't burp around you, if I can't bleed once a month comfortably around you then I sure as heck don't need to be sticking my tongue in your mouth.
Oh and this one is huge...if I can't sleep when you are around me ir in my environment lol then there is absolutely no sane reason for me to be messing with you.
These hang ups are my problems and I am taking responsibility for them as of today.
It's all or nothing darlin :)