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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If I were on the Walking Dead I would be trying to be by Daryl's side constantly lol. He is my crush on the show. I really appreciate how his character has developed. He is so tough but has the sweetest heart! You can always count on Daryl!

My Opinion About Their Future

This is a continuation of my prior post about the Walking Dead characters Rick and Michonne.
My personal opinion is that they will not become a steady couple. I think the sex was more about a release of tension/a bonding experience because of all they have been through together and they needed a way to express how they truly feel about each other and words just couldn't do it.
I think their love is a friendship love rather than a husband and wife love -they will probably have sex for a bit but I doubt they will mate long term however, the writers could totally surprise me .
I am curious to see their futures!

I'm Not So Shocked

I'm really not that shocked that Rick and Michonne had sex on The Walking Dead.  They have been through thick and thin together, they are best friends that have had each other's backs through it all, they are both strong leaders and they truly understand one another, also they are in constant close proximity due to it being the zombie apocalypse.
All that tension um It was gonna happen sooner or later !
Entertainment can be healing and I watch the Walking Dead for no other reason than to be entertained.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Forties

I am deciding to be more natural as much as possible in my forties. I have lost so much of my Arizona tan but this is me with no makeup. It's a big deal for me 🙂

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Musical Healing

One of the many gifts I have received from meeting my dad and his side of the family is being able to understand where my love of music came from.
I have always loved music and singing despite being told repeatedly that I couldn't sing well.
My whole family on my dads side are musicians and most of them compose their own music and lyrics. This includes the women as well. My grandma was a singer and guitar player and she helped to teach my dad as he was growing up.
My dad has been helping me and encouraging me with my love of music and it has really been so healing and has opened up a whole new world for me.
I discovered that I can sing if I sing my own songs. Trying to copy other people's voices and rhythms result in my failure. I can sing my own songs and play my own music!
The music you listen to has great power and it can even change the structure of your dna. Look this up sometime if it interests you, there are many articles and videos.

I'm back to talk more about healing because for me this is my lifelong responsibility.
I recently have been participating in the Daniel Fast from the bible. This of course is not the first time I have abstained from meats but I have had a rough time for a variety of reasons. The main reason I struggle is because I am a food addict and I have sustained my life through ingesting anything that my mind and body crave.  My body has become accustomed to enjoying the flesh of animals whenever I want.
I dont believe that we shouldn't eat meat however, I strongly disapprove of the way animals are treated. They are suffering in this sick system that has been created and I don't agree with it.
I continue to try to rid myself  of the need to ingest animals who have suffered and lived in misery their whole lives.
I do value my own life of course but I do not believe that these animals are here just to satisfy me.
With knowledge comes responsibility and I just can't keep supporting this type of cruelty.
This video is just one example of how sick our society is.  Yes, turkeys are difficult and they will fight for their lives (anything breathing does) but it does not mean that they or any other animal should have to endure this nonsense.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


When I was a child I had a family friend whom I called Aunt Ruth. I was thinking about her today :)
She was blessed with the ability to grow the most beautiful, fragrant, velvety roses.
On my birthday she would present me with one of her finest, largest, red roses. I always looked forward to receiving one, it made me happy and always made me feel so special!
Not everyone got a rose like that, let me tell you. She didn't give them away to everyone.
Also, I have yet to find roses in the store like her homegrown beauties. You can't find a rose like that in the store.
I am so grateful to have this memory. Wow, I was honored with the best of the best :)