Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If I were on the Walking Dead I would be trying to be by Daryl's side constantly lol. He is my crush on the show. I really appreciate how his character has developed. He is so tough but has the sweetest heart! You can always count on Daryl!

My Opinion About Their Future

This is a continuation of my prior post about the Walking Dead characters Rick and Michonne.
My personal opinion is that they will not become a steady couple. I think the sex was more about a release of tension/a bonding experience because of all they have been through together and they needed a way to express how they truly feel about each other and words just couldn't do it.
I think their love is a friendship love rather than a husband and wife love -they will probably have sex for a bit but I doubt they will mate long term however, the writers could totally surprise me .
I am curious to see their futures!

I'm Not So Shocked

I'm really not that shocked that Rick and Michonne had sex on The Walking Dead.  They have been through thick and thin together, they are best friends that have had each other's backs through it all, they are both strong leaders and they truly understand one another, also they are in constant close proximity due to it being the zombie apocalypse.
All that tension um It was gonna happen sooner or later !
Entertainment can be healing and I watch the Walking Dead for no other reason than to be entertained.