Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Musical Healing

One of the many gifts I have received from meeting my dad and his side of the family is being able to understand where my love of music came from.
I have always loved music and singing despite being told repeatedly that I couldn't sing well.
My whole family on my dads side are musicians and most of them compose their own music and lyrics. This includes the women as well. My grandma was a singer and guitar player and she helped to teach my dad as he was growing up.
My dad has been helping me and encouraging me with my love of music and it has really been so healing and has opened up a whole new world for me.
I discovered that I can sing if I sing my own songs. Trying to copy other people's voices and rhythms result in my failure. I can sing my own songs and play my own music!
The music you listen to has great power and it can even change the structure of your dna. Look this up sometime if it interests you, there are many articles and videos.

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