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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cmon You Should Know Better

Recently, I have received some disapproval about the man I have chosen to be with.
Cmon really you should know better!  Once I have set my mind and heart on a man wild animals couldn't drag me away.
Anything you say against him is just going to make me defend him more.
When I told a certain someone that I was seeing him they said, "Do you want my advice?"
I looked them directly in the eyes and said, "No I don't.  The only person that has the power to change my mind about him is him and no one else."
You should have seen the look on their face when I said this!
Come again is all I can say, don't approach me with negativity about my mate because I will not put up with it.
Sometimes standing your ground is a part of the healing process.

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