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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gotta Share This

So today I was out snapping pics. I got such a surprise that I actually felt like I was in pure ecstatic bliss for at least 10 minutes.
For these 10 minutes nothing else existed but the beautiful reality I was experiencing.
I was snapping pics of the river while standing on a bridge when all of a sudden I saw this brown body come out of the water and then dart back in.
I thought to myself,"what the heck was that?"
So of course I got as close as I could and stared into the water with expectation.
That is when I saw them- 2 otters!
I love otters!
I tried to snap pics of them playing in the water but they were so fast.
This is the best one I got.
It is blurry and not great quality but if you look close you can see the little cutie was staring right at me.

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