Friday, July 26, 2013


You just never know when or where u r going to meet a healer.
Today I was just feeling so low and beat down and ugly.
I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror and I was crying about it.
Anyways, I went to get my hair trimmed cause it was so frizzy and gross looking.
The lady who did my hair, her name was Lupe.
She must have seen my thoughts in my eyes cause she treated me so unbelievably well!
She fussed and fussed over my hair saying she knew why I wanted her to be the one to cut my hair :)
I never said anything to her about my self esteem issues but she just played in my hair like a little grandma and told me how beautiful my hair was.
Then she said, "you don't ever let anybody intimidate you sweetie, they cannot imitate your hair even if they tried, you have beautiful hair."
All day I had been focused on all my negative qualities but by the time she finished trimming my hair I was smiling, feeling better and focusing on my positive qualities.
She gave me a hug before I left :) 
I knew she knew that I had really needed that hair therapy :)
My frizzy dead ends are now gone and my curls are back cause I cut 4 inches off, so my curls are not being pulled out by my hair's weight.
I love mu curls!
Thank You Lupe, you are a true healer.

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