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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Is A Blood Covenant

So I am now dating the man I chose to give my virginity to all those years ago.
I noticed how easily I am able to revisit my feelings towards him almost as if we are picking up where we left off.
So I began to get curious about the bond you share with the person who "deflowers" you.
I found this article and enjoyed it because it is in line with the bible.

Alright now you know what being a virgin is and what its not, well not like you didn't know before but this article has addressed that and we want to move on to the next thing which is what happens when you lose your virginity perhaps the statement should be what goes while you are loosing your virginity, whichever one you want to choose lets just get right on to it.
You can lose your virginity only once and the truth is i don't like the use of the statement "lose your virginity", the whole process should not be a loss it is a gift which you should give to the right person, but when the wrong person gets then it becomes a loss. the body of a woman is so designed and crafted such that one would say God took time with them, the hymen that a woman is a seal like every new product comes with a seal, a tamper proof which when its no longer there it becomes dangerous to buy such a product, imagine you going to buy a pack of drugs and its already opened with no seal or you buy a new car and you don't find nylon still over the seats and all that will you drive it home?
Note am not saying don't marry a lady because she is not a virgin, that's not the point the point is only one person can deflower a woman and what happens at that point when that breaks the hymen and blood comes out is that he forms a blood covenant with her and a very strong bond is immediately initiated between she and that person, which explains why a lot of times ladies are very attached to the one man that deflowers them no matter how terrible such a person is, its the bond, the bond formed in blood and which is always very difficult to break.
The summary is the process of being deflowered is a covenant process that should be giving to only one man and that's the man you are married to, such a bond is reserved solely for the man whom you are married to, be careful whom you give your virginity to so that it doesn't turn out a loss, you are not supposed to lose your virginity, it should be a gift to the one man you marry.

thank you

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