Friday, November 1, 2013

Just Now

I just now got the best surprise :)
Honeybees came to visit me in my apartment! 
I always try to do my best to take care of any honeybees that come my way but I had to shoo these out so they wouldn't get trapped in here and die.
When I lived in Kentucky I used to hang out with the wild honeybees that lived on our land.  They became so used to me that they would tell me when they wanted me to feed them! 
No joke if they were hungry you could guarantee that when I came outside a few of them would buzz around me chattering until I got them some food and took it to their favorite spot!
I became so used to them that I learned their language a bit.  They buzz differently when agitated or excited as opposed to when they are calm and content.
Also if they are not in the mood for your presence they have little ways of letting you know.
Not one time did one of my little honey babies sting me and sometimes they would show me their love by landing on me for awhile to get acquainted.
I miss them they were good to me.  We got each other through very rough times. Rough for me because of sickness and rough for them because of lack of food but they were so grateful to be taken care of that they kind of invited me in as family :)

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