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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saving Money Is Healing

Saving money is healing when I don't have a lot to start off with.  The stress of trying to keep enough money to keep myself afloat is unbearable, so anything I can do to lessen that stress heals me.
Yesterday I found a really nice turquoise ceramic skillet for a very good price.
Today I am excited to try making homemade spring rolls for the first time. I have became a little bit addicted to them over the past few weeks and $6 for only 4 of them is a little bit steep don't ya think?
So today I will make my spring rolls in my pretty, turquoise skillet :)  
I really should try learning how to make that sweet dipping sauce that comes with them at the restaurant but for now I just bought some already made sauce.
Perhaps I will post a pic later if they turn out right.

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