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Friday, November 30, 2012


Today has been a really busy day for me and I am just now able to wind down and relax.  In all honesty I have been a bit sad all day long.  Not the kind of sad that makes me burst into tears but the kind that just kind of nags at me and causes me to settle into extra long stares into nowhere.  Nothing major going on just a feeling of longing.
I had some great laughs today though with my coworkers and truthfully all is well and there is really not too much to be sad about.
I am anticipating tomorrow because I am going on my first official Sedona hike :)  I have heard so much about the vortexes and am anxious to see if I feel any different while near them.  I will definitely inform you as to what happens.
Never heard of the Sedona vortexes?  Well here ya go...

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