Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For All Those Whom Are Healing Out There

This is my opinion...
You need to know this!
When you have set a goal of changing your mindset, lifestyle etc. there is a surefire way to know when you are close to some sort of breakthrough.  A sure way of knowing that you are close is when things start happening to you that are absolutely devastating in some way.
Perhaps you are healing and then are diagnosed with a worse disease than what you started off with or you notice yourself becoming sicker than before.
Perhaps a loved one deeply betrays you.  Maybe someone you deeply care for dies.
Anytime these things start playing out I am convinced that I am closer to the change I have been wanting.
These situations are arising either because they are meant to distract you from your goal or because they are happening in perfect timing with what you are learning and will act as a propeller. 
Either way you win.
Personally some things have been set in motion in my life that have caused me to literally be able to feel some sort of paradigm shift being pulled to me with an enormous amount of force.
Yes,  like magnets myself and the shift or consciousness are being pulled together.
Knowing that these difficult situations are here to propel you is how you can be smiling while the bullets are flying in your life.

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