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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Have A Bike Now

I gotta admit that it feels so good to be on a bike again!  I had really forgotten just how nice it is to be outside pedaling with the wind blowing in my hair and sunshine on my face.
Now I just have to get my body accustomed to doing this again. I was definitely a bit clumsy at first and thought to myself, "Wow have I really forgotten how to ride a bike lol?"
I am anxious to start exploring the local trails and such.  I have to get myself built up first though cause right now I can't ride that long.  Walking is just not my thing but biking oh yeah I can get into this.
Here is a pic of me on my first bike :) my Uncle Steely is holding it up for me cause I hadn't learned how to do it by myself yet.


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