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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Pretty White teeth

Hi it's me the writer of this blog called a healing reality.
I am a 38 year old woman who drinks tea daily.  I started noticing significant yellowing of my teeth a few years back.  At first I used all of the artificial chemicals that you can buy at Walmart etc.
I really wanted to get the cosmetic whitening from the dentist but couldn't afford it.
Then as my mindset began to change due to the work I was doing within myself spiritually and mentally I decided, "Why not try a natural approach to teeth care and whitening?"
So I changed my toothpaste to a fluoride free natural paste called Neem with cinnamon and I also brushed with turmeric powder and baking soda on occasion.
What a difference!
These are my pretty white teeth all done with less than $8 a month, now that makes me smile even bigger :D Photoshop or camera manipulation was not used and I even got out in the sun to take the pic I am so confident :D this is all natural darling!
My toothpaste...


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