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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pilates Day 2

I woke up a bit sore in my abdomen area today and thought to myself, "Ouch what is going on now."  Then I smiled cause I remembered, "Oh yeah I started pilates yesterday,"  
I also had a bit of soreness in my shoulder area.
The pain made me happy because I knew it was a pain earned in order to strengthen my body as opposed to a pain that is just an injury there to torture me for weeks.
I did the exact same workout I did yesterday.
It was still difficult but I did notice that I did the movements with more ease, my body is already getting accustomed to the stretches and cooperating more.
Yep 6 months or so of stretching my body out like this and I am confident I will have some positive changes such as moving easier and more fluidly instead of feeling like an old rusted armor suit every move I make.

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