Monday, April 29, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 1-End of Day

Ok so today when I first drank my lemonade for some reason my eyes felt heavy immediately.  Yes, meaning I could barely hold them open and because I hadn't been up long and I had tons of homework to do I said to myself this has got to change quickly.
So... I have some organic cocoa nips that are just teeny about the size of a tic tac.  Knowing that these are healthy for my pineal gland and have barely any calories I chewed on them.  They don't taste pleasant and they are quite bitter but because it is cacoa in it's raw form it is pure energy.
I didn't do so well because I only had 2 glasses of lemonade all day and I think you are supposed to have 6-8 but I drank lots of water!  I mean lots!
I also made a point to go out and get some sun today because I know the vitamin d is healthy for me.  I laid out by the pool 30 minutes or so and soaked all that energy in.
I did have urges in my mind during downtime almost as if my body was saying, "Hey don't you remember that we eat when there is nothing else to do."   Lol literally I would have flashes in my head of myself eating.
Overall though I wasn't too hungry today.  I am thinking it is because I was excited about my new dance class that is starting this week.  It's great that the invite came today because it gave me some confirmation that I am on my path so to speak.
Also, I had quite a bit of schoolwork to do so I got lost in that for 6 hours straight and that kept my mind off of food.
So... to celebrate my first day of the master cleanse I am posting a teeny dance clip.  I am nowhere near feeling the way I should to start this dance class but I'm going for it anyways.  The classes are 1 hour and 45 minutes, um and I am curious to see just how long I can keep up.  Truthfully though just as I told the instructor, I am dancing for my own enjoyment so I really have no one to let down but myself.  As long as I have fun and learn a little then what more could I really ask for.
 Oh and yes I know my space is messy, I am working on getting the motivation to clean but c'mon one thing at a time.  Obviously I feel guilty about it or I wouldn't be mentioning it.

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