Monday, April 29, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 2-End of Day

It's really not the end of my day but it is close enough.
I am feeling really annoyed and frustrated.  I have done nothing but regret being on this cleanse all day.  I am so hungry that every single thing seems like a good thing for me to eat which is bad because before the cleanse I was actually making halfway decent choices.

Really it's just that when someone who loves to eat has to go without it is quite hard!  I have a lot in my favor as well since I am not working right now.  I feel bad for the people who do this cleanse who actually have to be around food a lot!  I also happen to really enjoy lemons and anything  made with lemons so drinking lemonade all day really isn't too bad of a thing for me.  However, I do not like the flavor that the maple syrup and cayenne gives my lemonade. I would prefer straight lemon water but am sticking to the rules.

I have had little energy all day.  I went back to sleep at 11am and slept until 3:30pm which pissed me off because I have a lot of schoolwork to do.  All I got accomplished today was one final exam when I could have gotten that + another project done.

Tonight I am forced to clean my apartment because they are coming in the morning to check out my air cooler so I really need to clean.  However, I feel absolutely no motivation to do it.

I am a little bit angry and on edge today that is for sure.  Physically I got a little light headed today for some time.  Thank goodness my headache is gone though!

On a positive I have discussed before I did a partial cleanse a few weeks ago so doing that for 20 days really helped me lose some inches.  The partial cleanse I did for 20 days or so was just cutting all sugar and bread out of my diet.  I was allowed as much meat and veggies as I wanted.  In the beginning I was not allowed any fruit but after a little while I incorporated fruits in and was sooooooooo grateful for their sweetness.

Today I decided to pull out some party dresses that I had bought myself a few years ago when I lived in Virginia.  When I bought them they were tight fitting and I just wanted to see if I am the same size as I was then or not.  Well they are getting pretty loose on me so that means I better at least get some pictures in them before I can't wear them at all.  These dresses are gorgeous and I only wore them a few times.  I will probably get them tailored if they get too loose.

I hate to whine but the truth is that I just want to eat again :(

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