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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 3-upon awakening

I really wish I could tell you how great I am feeling.   The truth is I am just extremely irritated.  I am trying to remain positive by looking up all the benefits of cleansing.  I know I am doing what is needed but I am still just so grouchy.
I can't stand the thought to know that this is who I am inside the minute I do not get to indulge my every whim.  I have known for a long time that I have a tendency to be spoiled with certain things but this is craziness.
I used to fast quite often but it was always dedicated to my creator.  When I did this my moods were much more pleasant and I would even serve others food while I was fasting.
I have prayed a little but not nearly enough obviously.  I don't know but something isn't right if I am resisting this so much.  I really need to check my motivations and get my mindset right.
I am doing this for my own well being so that in itself could be an attitude changer and a motivator but the truth is my body and mind are just fighting this whole process.
A lot of it might have to do with timing.  I am under a lot of stress to get my finals completed.  If by tomorrow I am not feeling better I am going to break the cleanse because I cannot risk screwing up my finals because I am hungry and irritated.  So that is what I have decided.  I will give it a go today but if tomorrow I am still feeling so irritated that it is getting in the way of my studies then I will have to stop the cleanse and complete it after my finals.
Actually upon stating this I felt a lot better.  Why?  Because I realize that I am willing to listen to myself and do what is best for me regardless of what anyone else thinks.  Learning how to be on my own timing and rhythm is so very important.  No one else knows but me if continuing this cleanse at this time is what I need to do.
However, because I have been through this process before I am aware that getting through the 3rd day is extremely important for me.  Usually once I am past day 3 I am alright so I will just wait it out to know what decision to make.

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