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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mental Preparation /Master Cleanse

Ok so out of desperation to feel better I have decided to do the master cleanse.  I just feel so lethargic and blah as well as aches and pains.  My stomach is huge and I swear sometimes I find it hard to believe that it is all fat, it just seems like it is full of air or something lol I really need to get this checked in all honesty.  Ever since I had my gallbladder removed my stomach has just grown at a ridiculous rate.

I have decided to start the master cleanse tomorrow.

I am trying to prepare myself mentally because I know what it is like to go without food as I have done it several times in my life.  I usually do not enjoy it at all, that is a mild way of saying I hate it!  I think the longest I ever went without eating was 10 days and that was many years ago.

However, because a couple of weeks ago I finished a partial cleanse of no bread or sugar products as well as no caffeine-I feel like cleansing fully will not be such a huge shock.
While cleansing and detoxing off of sugar earlier I really went through hell mentally, emotionally and physically.  I told myself I wouldn't go back to sugar or junk foods but what do you know I have been letting them in here and there.  I don't feel as well since I started eating sugar and bread again-truth.

The great thing is that I haven't had any type of soda for over a month now so I'm over it.  Also, I have had very little caffeine and mostly just drink water.  I also have been consciously choosing to eat a few raw veggies daily.  I have completely cut out all flouride toothpaste and aluminum deodorants for over 2 months now.  My hair is shiny, my teeth gleam and my skin is looking pretty darn good.

I feel like I am going to take this opportunity to cleanse physically but I am also going to consciously choose to cleanse mentally and emotionally as well.  I wish I could say that I am a happy person when I cleanse/fast but the truth is I am usually extremely emotional.  I go from one extreme to the next such as complete and utter despair to flying high in the clouds with joy.  Annoying yes I know but imagine how it feels to be the one experiencing it.  I do plan on spending the majority of my cleanse alone.

I purchased most of what I needed today but the store was out of lemons.  Yeah I know crazy right.  So I bought a couple of limes and then realized tonight that it is not going to be enough to sustain me all day so I will have to go get lemons at some point tomorrow.  Also, I have decided to use olive oil instead of tea for the laxative effect at night.  So yes I am switching it up a little but only because I have used olive oil before and it works- so it saves me some $ by not having to buy the tea.

I thought that maybe I shouldn't start this cleansing during my finals week but decided that it might actually be good because then I can just put my focus on studying as a distraction to my hunger, cravings and bad moods.

I will need any prayers that anyone wants to be gracious enough to give me!  I feel like at this point in my life I am making a life or death decision.  I either change the way I eat and learn how to properly take care of my body with healthy foods and exercise or I just blubber into oblivion and die a slow, painful death.  Yes that is right it has gotten to this point.  I am not even worried about looking at the scales, I don't have any.  I don't need to know if I lose weight or how much.  I just want to kick this unhealthy food addiction  and feel better.

I am not going to do vlogs about my cleansing process but if you want to see other people who have, their are tons of them on youtube.  I probably would do a vlog except I can't stand the way I look on camera.

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