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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So here I am today wondering and seriously contemplating why I continue to find myself in similar situations over and over again.
I begged God to show me the part I was playing, to show me where I am going wrong.

The revelation...
When I receive a blessing or meet someone I like, admire, etc. I hype it up to the fullest extent.  I build up the situation as if I were on a mountaintop.  I do this before I even know what the reality of the situation will be.  In other words I make too much out of it.  I put people on a pedestal, I make the situation or person my "savior"
In doing this and perceiving things in this way I have no choice but to eventually be devastated by disappointment.  Build anything up to be something it is not and it will have no choice but to fall.
My problem is not that I am negative it is that I am POSITIVE to the point of being unrealistic!
When I receive a blessing I need to be grateful for it and wait to see what it is all about instead of building it up in my head to be something it is not!  When I meet a person I need to really invest in getting to know and understand them before I build up what they are or aren't in my head.
Time and observation will reveal what someone or something is going to be in my life.


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