Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Hidden Blessing Of Standing Firm

I have discovered that there is a hidden blessing to making a decision and standing firm.  Sometimes there are things that need to be decided with absolutely no thoughts of compromise.  Paradoxically there are some decisions that need to be made whilst understanding that compromise is a possibility.  For this blog post I am speaking of the hidden blessing of standing firm on a decision and blocking off any thoughts of compromise as to what has been decided.
When you are wishy washy about everything there is constant confusion.  You aren't sure what to do about this, you are unsure what to do about that.  Constant thoughts of "Am I making the right decision?"  However, if you decide that there are some major things in your life that you need to make a decision about and stick to it suddenly there is all this free space in your thoughts because you no longer have to wrestle or worry about what you are going to do.  You have already decided what you are going to do or not do in this particular area so now you can think about and tinker with other areas in your life.
For example, let's say someone has decided that they don't want to drink alcohol anymore.  In the past they have been wishy washy about it, somedays saying yes somedays saying no.  Sometimes they hang out at the bar, maybe they drink a juice but they are still hanging out at the bar.  Sometimes they are strong enough to just have the juice and other days they decide gin and juice is what they really want so they indulge.
Since they realize that hanging at the bar means they are much more likely to have the drink then at some point they may choose to make a decision with no compromise.  They may decide"Absolutely under no circumstance will I step into a bar, I don't care who invites me, I don't care if my brother's party is going to be there, I don't care what friends I lose, I don't care if others call me weak etc."
After this decision has been made, their thought life becomes easier because they no longer have to wrestle with this particular decision.  They no longer have to wonder should I or shouldn't I because they have decided that it is in their best interest to not go to the bar period.  No discussion, no contemplation because the answer is NO.
Now all that time they spent focusing on this area can be spent elsewhere.  Perhaps they will now contemplate life or take up a new hobby such as cooking etc.  Who knows what they will decide but the point is that they have freed up some energy in one place in order to be able to focus it elsewhere.
That freedom of energy is the hidden blessing of standing firm on certain decisions that you make in your life.
Knowing this and practicing this will allow the healing spirit to work harder and stronger in our lives.

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