Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At This Time

At this time I would like to apologize to anyone and everyone that I have ever been a complete jackass to!
I recently got a taste of my own medicine I guess you could say :) from a fellow writer whom I respect 100%
People who like to observe the world, write about it and ponder it etc. are in a world of our own. 
We sometimes are VAIN or ARROGANT know it all b*****s and jerks for lack of better words.
Then I was so curious to know if this is commonplace so I looked up "why are writers jerks etc" and I was flooded with confirmation that they are some of the hardest people in the world to deal with.
I do apologize for being this way :(
Will I do it again?  Probably cause I don't even realize I am doing it most of the time.
Thank You for your patience and love to those who are strong enough to hang in here with me.
I am going to try my best to be aware of my issues.

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