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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dance Lessons=Relationship Lessons=Life Lessons

I thought I was going to be line dancing tonight but instead it was changed to 2 stepping.
I had a lot of fun but I messed up a lot.
The instructor kept teasing me and pointing out my obvious issue by saying, "Oh she is a headstrong one, she wants the lead but in two stepping the lady is the follower not the leader."  "Oh look at that she switched her own hand instead of letting her partner do it, she is a feisty one."
Yep I am busted, my true personality comes out in dance as well but I am more than willing and ready to learn how to follow so that I will be a good dance partner.
My instructor allowed me to dance with her husband who was a very strong lead.  He started off by saying, "There are rules with this just like there are rules to everything in life.  You are to follow the rules.  I am the lead and you are to follow.  I am not going to make you bump into a table or anything so don't be scared just trust me.  He was very patient with me and constantly told me what steps to take.  Overall I danced well with him.
Then I had to switch and dance with several other partners throughout the night.  My performance was not the greatest but it also depended on the leadership of my partner.  If he was not a strong leader while dancing I did not do as well.  Some were so gentle I found it hard to be lead. Others were too forceful and I became confused and lost track of my steps
So which brings me to my next point which I have discussed before maybe not in this blog but in others.
People need to understand that the old traditional dance was not merely just for fun it also served the purpose of teaching young ladies and gentleman their roles in courtship/ relationship.
While dancing with someone you really do get a strong sense of whether or not you connect and if you are able to fulfill your intended role with that person.  You get to see if your energies work well together.
As someone who did not grow up with these social dances as a lead for my young mind, I really feel I missed out.  Dancing style today has it's place but let's be serious when I say that bumping and grinding all over each other hardly allows you to see if you are going to be a good match for each other because it only allows you to know if you will be a good sexual match.  Relationship is way more than the bedroom. Traditional, social dances allows you to sort of test each other's energy out in a different way than dirty dancing.
The great thing is that obviously neither male nor females are necessarily born knowing how to dance and to lead and follow correctly that is why you practice and learn :) that is why it is so important to dance. It is an energy thing yall.
A fun fact I learned tonight about etiquette and dance, you are going to love this...
In the old days if a guy wanted to cut in he was to tap the guy dancing on the right shoulder only.  Why?
The guy's role is to always be the protector of the female so if he is dancing with her and looking over his left shoulder he then cannot have her in his vision thus leaving her vulnerable and open.  The male is never to leave his female unprotected in dance so obviously this was intended to teach young gentleman to let that carry over into everyday life as well and it taught young ladies to expect this from their man.
If the guy dancing decides to allow the other gentleman to cut in he then places the female's hand into the other guys hand so that they can dance. 
Interesting stuff yes?

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