Thursday, March 13, 2014

Change of Plans

Okay so ballroom was canceled this week :( I had a small pout fit but was invited to go to a line dance instead.
I said sure :) even though I am not that great at it.  With practice I am sure I will learn a few things and it will be fun.
I was thinking to myself, "But I don't have any cowgirl boots."  Then I was like wait a minute I have boots and I can wear whatever I want so I am wearing my favorite pair :)
PS I have been trying to figure out what this song is.  If anyone reading this knows what it is please tell me because I think it is mislabeled in the video.  Who sings it ? I really love the lyrics especially when it says, "she went crazy when her momma died."  Yep I did too, I realized life was too valuable and short to put up with a bunch of nonsense.

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