Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things That Make Me Contemplate

Tonight at dance class...
I'm sitting there waiting for it to begin.  There are 2 kids there somewhere around the age of 10,  I am guessing.  They were good friends.  The little girl was mixed black and white, a little bit on the chubby side but not too much, she had naturally curly hair that was wild, free and beautiful, she wore a vibrant eclectic mix of colors.  The little boy was Asian, a little bit darker skinned than the girl and he was very neat and conservative in appearance.
They started talking to me and informed me that they had rode their bicycles all the way there together so that the little girl could dance.  The little boy said, "I am just here to video tape her but I don't dance."  The little girl smiled from ear to ear.
The teacher informed them they needed $7 each to attend and they had thought it was free.  I didn't bring any extra money for them so I couldn't help out.
The little girl says, "cmon let's go."  The little boy says, "No I am tired let's just wait a bit."
The little girl patiently waits for a few minutes and then says, "Daniel, cmon let's go."  He smiles lifts his arm and says, " Pull me up."  She giggles tries to pull him up but can't because he is not helping, he falls to the floor and lays there, won't move and says, I just want to lay here come down here it feels good."  She then starts repeatedly saying, "Daniel please" while trying to move him and he just lays there and smiles while she is increasingly getting more frustrated.
At some point while she is giggling and trying to move him he becomes convinced she has torn his hat so he starts to get mad.  She swears his hat didn't tear but he says, "Yes it did."
So she very calmly says," I am sorry Daniel, I am always having to apologize to you.  I feel like such a failure."
At this point I am sitting here like huh how can you say and feel these things when you are only 10!
Her "failure" statement seems to motivate him or somehow make him feel like she has suffered enough so he gets up off the floor and they happily start running to the door all smiles and giggles.
They turn around to tell me bye and then run outside together to their bikes.

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