Thursday, March 6, 2014


Today I set out on my bike to go to the dollar tree.  My mission was to get a water bottle for my rides.  I failed :( I only made it 3/4 the way there.
My hands today were hurting so bad because of my carpal tunnel and when I lean on the bars with my weight my hands can't take it.
I am going to see if it is possible to raise the handle bars a little.  I am not sure if it can be done or if it will even make a difference but it is worth a try.
So basically I was only able to ride a mile 1/2 total ha ha which is way better than when I first got my bike :D The first day I barely could ride it for a minute not kidding!  However, day after day been practicing and now am up to a mile 1/2.  It's actually real good considering my issues.
I really thought my problem would be tiredness but it seems everyday what makes me stop riding is the pain in my hands.  I will start wearing my arm braces if I have to but it seems it would be way to hard to grip the handlebars right with those on.
Also, I noticed while riding that I was really pushing myself to go fast.  At some point I stopped and said, "Who are you racing, there is no one here but you."
That is when I realized my mindset needed to change.  This bike is for my health and enjoyment.  I am not racing or competing with anyone but myself so I need to be gentler with myself and just enjoy the process.
Oh and I was looking at something while riding today and almost crashed into some rocks lol at that point I decided that yes it is probably a good idea for me to get a helmet asap :D

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