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Friday, March 7, 2014

Fixing Things

Sometimes you can do good things at the wrong time in your life.  Sometimes you are able to fix things you have messed up and sometimes you never get that chance again.
You never know if you will get the chance again, that is life!
When I first went to school I made a complete mess of it and earned myself a 1.2 gpa .  Instead of focusing on school I was focused on what I am always focused on relationship, emotions and figuring life out.  Unfortunately I couldn't balance school in with everything else so I failed.
There was nothing wrong with being focused o the things I was focused on because it is part of who I am.  I am here to experience, ponder and observe life and then report on it.  Yes this is one of my jobs that was given to me internally, my calling I guess you could say.
However, I was given another opportunity to return to school and now have brought my gpa up to a 3.7.  A different mindset, better timing as well as the regret of my former failure helped me to achieve excellence and work harder despite the chaos in my life.
No experience has to be wasted if you learn from it.  However, never rely on getting a second chance with anything or anyone because life never guarantees that either.  If you get that second or third chance really take hold of it and appreciate it.

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