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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Finally Understand

After talking with my dad for so long today I finally understand my mom more than ever! 
It is impossible to resist loving him.  He is hilarious, intelligent, sincere and charming all at once!
I just couldn't help but imagine my mom young and silly and falling immediately in love with him without being able to ever stop it from happening.
I was able to tell him many things and to find out the answers to questions I had for so long.  I was able to tell him that my mom always loved him even though he didn't love her back.
For the first time I feel that although things were chaotic and unfair for me and her, how truly special it was for my mom to be given a baby from the man she adored.
I understand the words to this song so much more now and why my mom always said this was my song :)  before I always found it extremely sad but now I can see and feel the depth of it all as a big picture instead of just focusing on the sliver of sadness.


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